Army Community Services

Many Soldiers are familiar with ACS but do not know the vast amount of programs it offers. Some less known are the lending closet, FAP, ERP, etc.

Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC)

Non-medical counseling that can range parenting, anger management, family issues, conflict resolution, deployment stress, etc. These sessions are confidential.

Military One Source Counseling

Free nonmedical counseling with a local professional that can be in person, online, or over the phone. Examples include marriage counseling, moving stress, family issues, etc. It is meant to be short term to resolve the issues and includes up to 12 free sessions per person per issue. These sessions are confidential.

Childcare Aware

Assists servicemembers in finding, picking, and offsetting the cost of civilian childcare when on post is unavailable or not suitable.

Morale, Welfare, Recreation Program (MWR)

Every installation has different programs/events that change throughout the year. Programs including in MWR are Basic Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS), Child and Youth Services (CYS), etc.

Career Intermission Program

Allows soldiers to enter the IRR for up to 3 years and return to active duty in the same standing. Reasons for doing so include starting a family, religious reasons, personal/professional growth, pursue a degree, etc.