Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

PCS Benefits

List of benefits for PCS including how to conduct a PPM, PTDY, TLE, DLA, per diem, etc.

Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT)

Travel entitlement that soldiers stationed OCONUS PCSing to another OCONUS PDS can take that allows them to travel to their HOR for free during PCS leaver or up to a year after signing into their new duty station. (search 050812)

Circuitous Travel OCONUS

Travel option OCONUS soldiers can use that allows them during PCS to essentially take a detour during their PCS at personal expense is allowed a travel allowance. There is also a TDY version of this known as LICWO. (search 050204)

Military No Stress PCS

Network that helps servicemembers with PCS information about their new duty station. (non gov source)

Ultimate PCS Guide to Packing Out

Guide to packing up house as well as organizing for a PCS move. (non gov source)